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 About: Terry Gamey & Associates is a law firm in Maine that specializes in personal injury. They handle motor vehicle collisions, catastrophic accidents, wrongful death, dangerous products, premises liability, and medical negligence.

Cape Elizabeth Attorney Elected to the Maine Trial Lawyers Board of Governors

Portland, ME – Attorney Christian Foster, from the Terry Garmey & Associates law firm, has been elected as a board member to the MTLA (Maine Trial Lawyers Association www.mtla.org ). Being appointed to the 30 member board is comes as a great honor to Foster, who has worked his way up over the years towards this recognition. This appointment comes at a time when Terry Garmey & Associates is experiencing great success by helping personal injury clients.

The MTLA’s objective is to offer legal education, advocacy, public education, and marketing services to all Maine attorneys and their clients. This association was founded in 1963 and has since been ensuring Maine citizens get due justice and remedy from personal injury. It also ensures that businesses, consumers, and residents of Maine are represented well in a court of law for full compensation.

Being a member of the MTLA board means a lot to Christian Foster and the entire Terry Garmey and Associates law firm. It’s part of the ongoing efforts to make the company one of the best at representing injury victims against financial hardships, suffering, and pain caused by other people’s reckless actions. Since graduating with honors in the year 2000, Christian has helped hundreds of clients get due representation. His high success rate has helped clients receiver up to seven-figure settlements.

Christian joined the Bar of the State of Maine after successfully completing his law degree from the University of Maine. He has since joined other associations including the District Court for the District of Maine, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and the United States First Circuit Court of Appeals. His development from a law clerk to his current appointment as a member of the MTLA board is a story of determination and resilience. He brings this experience to every personal injury case at his firm.

Christian’s new role will see him take part in the enhancement of the curriculum provided by the MTLA to the State Bar. Having worked as a Portland personal injury lawyer in Maine for many years, this appointment is a great opportunity for Christian to further represent residents of Portland.

The Terry Garmey & Associates law firm has provided a great avenue for lawyers like Attorney Christian Foster to develop. Through the firm’s dedication to represent Maine residents and businesses, its lawyers have become some of the most successful litigants in personal injury cases. Those seeking an attorney like Christian for their personal injury case in Maine are encouraged to contact Terry Garmey & Associates.

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