At Garmey Law, we respect the trust that our clients have placed in us as their legal representatives, and our commitment to that trust is unwavering. We understand that your faith in us is vital to our success, and we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards as the top injury attorneys in Portland, Maine.

We strive to provide our clients with the greatest legal representation possible. We take a collaborative approach and are passionate about providing excellent legal solutions that meet your needs. Our shared principles ensure we uphold certain principles to give you peace of mind.

At Garmey Law, our team is united by a shared set of principles:

There are many lawyers in Maine, but our decades-long track record of success sets us apart. As some of the top injury attorneys in the state, we’ve won some of the largest verdicts ever awarded in Maine, which is why we are frequently referred some of the most complex cases and are invited to train lawyers at UMaine Law, MTLA, and across the state.

We stand strong in the face of tough odds. We don’t back down for fear of loss. We make judgments as to how each case is best resolved and do not let fear or greed or egos hinder justice. We withstand the pressure to resolve cases that should go to trial. Everyone deserves their day in court.

All cases are an “everything” case to someone. Many times our clients have lost something they can never get back. It’s a sacred privilege to have the opportunity to represent them. We remember that each client has a story to tell and we listen closely. It’s our job to respect this story, and to fight tirelessly so that the next chapter will be a better one.

Many people make the mistake of “hiring a good lawyer” but that’s short-sighted: You need a good team to navigate the process and stand with you every step of the way. We have a deep bench of talent, from our support staff to our paralegals, to our attorneys, who will track down every detail, every record, and answer the phone when you need us. And we always find time for one another to share insight, experience, and ideas when it helps to advance a case.

We know that our reputation is our currency. We work with the same defense firms and adjusters again and again, so it’s critical to maintain their respect and their trust. They have to know that we are willing to go all the way for our clients, not just in this case, but for all those that come after. We have the utmost respect for our colleagues in the Maine Bar and take great pride in the fact that lawyers from across the state, from both sides of the bar, frequently refer cases to us – and often, trust us first when their own family member needs help.