Premises Liability

Property owners and businesses are responsible for keeping their premises safe for their guests and other people authorized to be there. Unfortunately, people can become seriously injured when business owners, landlords, and others allow dangerous conditions such as slippery grocery aisles, icy sidewalks, or unsafe stairs. At Garmey Law, our premise liability lawyers take these cases very seriously; we have seen too many clients gravely, and permanently, hurt by unsafe conditions in a home, apartment, or business to do anything else.

Whether you were injured on private or public property, you may be able to obtain compensation for your injuries and related expenses, including medical expenses, lost wages, and potentially long-term or life-altering consequences of your accident. Garmey Law attorneys often take tough cases, like falls on ice, when other attorneys have turned them down. Our premise liability lawyers will listen to your story and ask questions to fully understand your situation, looking for the details and insights that could win your case. We are not afraid to take on challenging, tough-to-litigate cases, and when we do, we make sure to secure maximum compensation for our clients.

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Types of Premises Liability Cases

Slip & falls, dog bites, stair falls, and other accidents caused by unsafe premises can occur anywhere, including:

  • Retail stores
  • Sports venues
  • Restaurants
  • Government buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Grocery stores
  • Public pools
  • Private homes
  • Construction sites


Like other plaintiff’s firms, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means that our clients never pay us a dime unless we win them money. And, no matter how big or small your case is, we work hard to put as much money in your pocket as possible. For us, it’s part of our pride in what we do.

Commonly Asked Questions

Most property owners are covered by homeowner or commercial insurance, which will pay the cost of defending a lawsuit and also, subject to the policy limits, cover a settlement or verdict in your favor. Depending on the scale of your injuries, other insurance may be available as well, including other homeowners or umbrella policies. If you’ve been seriously injured at a dangerous property, your friend or family member should understand that this is exactly what property insurance is for.

Business owners are responsible for reasonably responding to foreseeable dangers and keeping their premises reasonably safe for customers, including the elderly and those who have difficulty walking or seeing. This duty includes making sure that entrances, exits, stairways, ramps, and other trafficked areas do not pose unreasonable trip, slip, or fall hazards. We often work with safety engineers, architects, and other experts to prove that a premise was unreasonably safe. Often, we can use evidence of safety code violations or prior accidents to prove that a business owner should have acted to make the premises safer. If you think you may have been injured as the result of unreasonably safe premises, give us a call. Our lawyers will investigate your claim at no cost to determine whether you deserve compensation.

Case Studies

  • $650,000 Settlement for an intellectually disabled man who received spinal cord injury due to unsafe conditions at a home construction site

How Our Maine Lawyers Can Help

Schedule a meeting with one of our experienced attorneys and learn more about how we can help. Our team handles all personal injury cases, including premises cases, on a contingency fee basis, which means that we cover all legal costs upfront, and we only get paid if you get paid from a settlement or verdict.

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