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Too often, people and small business owners fear taking on opponents who have wronged them, thinking it will be too expensive to pay attorneys to take them to court. At Garmey Law, our civil litigation attorneys like thinking “out of the box” when it comes to fee structures, and often find great solutions (such as contingency or mixed-fees arrangements) that allow people and businesses to pursue what they’re owed. 

Whether you’ve got a small business dispute, a probate contest, a fight with a bank or collection agency, a problem with a building contractor, or something else, you deserve to be heard and have your story told right. At Garmey Law, our civil litigation attorneys are comfortable taking all manner of cases through to resolution, whether it’s in settlement, at trial, or after an appeal. We pride ourselves in the ability to think creatively about civil lawsuits and hone in on their most important aspects, and in telling our client’s stories in persuasive and impactful ways.

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We take many cases, including business disputes, on a contingency fee basis, meaning our clients do not pay a dime unless we win.  Contact us for a free consultation and to see what works best for you and your case.

Commonly Asked Questions

We work as fast as we can to resolve claims as quickly as possible. Sometimes, we can resolve our client’s cases months after they walk in the door; for others, the process of reaching a trial can take years. Each case is different and requires a unique and tailored approach. Rest assured that we won’t rest until your case is done.

Contact us for a free, no-cost consultation. We would be happy to dive into your legal issue and let you know how we can help, and look for solutions that will avoid you having to pay out of pocket for representation.

Each case is different, and we will need a chance to get to know yours. Some claims have statutory limits on how much can be received, while others have attorneys’ fees and costs available to the prevailing party (maximizing the money in your pocket if you win). We pride ourselves in making sure we find the right kinds of claims to bring for you or your business.

Case Studies

  • Garmey Law attorneys Gary Goldberg and David Kreisler have sued and collected from large international banks and mortgage services who have hurt their clients as a result of unfair practices and violations of the consumer protection laws.
  • Attorney Chris Harmon has secured favorable results for clients whose privacy rights have been violated under HIPAA.
  • Attorneys Terry Garmey and Ali Garmey Chardon secured a favorable settlement for a client personally injured as a result of negligent marketing.
  • Garmey Law has teamed up with Watts Guerra to bring suit on behalf of residents of Fairfield, Maine whose water has been polluted by toxic PFAs chemicals.

How Our Maine Lawyers Can Help

Schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys and learn more about how we can help. We take pride in our ability to think creatively about legal disputes and in finding the right resolution for you or your business.

What Can We Do To Help?