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Medical malpractice matter involving the birth of a baby in a Maine hospital. The baby suffered a diffuse hypoxic ischemic insult prior to his birth. His parents alleged that this was because his health care providers failed to recognize that he received too little oxygen during his birthing process. As a result of his hypoxic brain injury, he has been left with significant mental and physical impairments including cerebral palsy and the inability to speak, sit, crawl or eat, requiring costly medical treatment, supportive services and therapies for the remainder of his life. This matter was settled at mediation As a result of the multi-million dollar settlement, a Special Needs Trust was created to ensure that Nathan’s baby will receive the care he needs for the rest of his life.

This products liability case went to trial in the United States District Court in Portland, Maine. Brown v. Crown Equip. Corp., 554 F.3d 34 (1st Cir. 2009). A jury returned a 4 million dollar verdict (reduced because of compulsory caps) for Claire, the widow of Tom Brown, who was killed while operating a forklift at work. Tom backed his forklift under a warehouse shelving unit and suffocated when he became pinned against the forklift console. The jury concluded that the manufacturer had failed to warn Tom’s employer that this type of accident had happened many times before and that inexpensive guards were available to protect against it.

Medical malpractice matter due to a Maine hospital’s alleged failure to diagnose right leg Compartment Syndrome in the emergency room. Compartment Syndrome is a limb threatening and life threatening condition, defined as the compression of nerves, blood vessels, and muscle inside a closed space (compartment) within the body. Compartment Syndrome is a medical emergency, and must be treated by emergency surgery in order to prevent permanent tissue death. However, as a result of the missed diagnosis in Cliff’s case, he faced multiple surgeries and was left with significant and permanent injuries including disfigurement and pain. At the time of his injury Cliff was a proud United States Marine who had served multiple tours of duty in Iraq with distinction. A seven figure settlement was achieved.

Motor vehicle accident resulting in a cervical herniation at level C5-6 and approximately $45,000.00 in medical bills. In addition, Kathy was unable to continue her job as a nurse due to her ongoing injuries and associated pain. Our firm helped Kathy to recover the full bodily injury policy limit from the driver who caused the accident, plus a substantial settlement from her own Underinsured Motorist carrier.

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