Portland Press Herald, November 23, 2022.

An inmate at the Cumberland County Jail was found unresponsive in his cell, and now a Windham man is being charged with providing the drugs that ended his life. James Ryan Mannion had been jailed since December 2021 on drug charges. Before his arrest, Mannion struggled with substance use but ultimately found success in sobriety and was working as a barber. Peter Curtis, who was incarcerated alongside Mannion at the time, has been accused of inmate death for providing him the fentanyl powder that caused his death.

Attorney Alexis Garmey Chardon of Garmey Law is representing Mannion’s two young daughters. She is investigating if his death may have been prevented had he been given the proper treatment for substance use disorder in jail. 

"This was a man who had a known drug addiction and needed help, and there are questions about whether he was protected in a way that he should have been, and whether he was provided the healthcare he needed as a result of being addicted," said Chardon. "James was a person who had experienced a lot of success being sober, and I think there’s a lot of reasons to think he would be able to do that again. Which is why this is particularly tragic."

You can read more of this story in the Portland Press Herald.

Bangor Daily News, August 23, 2022.

On Wednesday, Matt and Veronica Horn filed a lawsuit against LG Electronics, Hisense, and Home Depot in U.S. District Court in Maine for liability, negligence, and breach of warranty. The family is suing the two major electronics companies, and the national retail chain after a portable air conditioner caught fire: burning down their lake house and killing their two dogs three years ago.

In the official complaint, a forensic examination found that the house fire was started by the air conditioner. Specifically, the overload protector was defective (a part of the compressor meant to prevent an electrical overload). Without a functioning protector, an air conditioner can overheat and ignite. According to the couple's complaint, LG Electronics and Hisense knew that the particular air conditioner model the Horns purchased at Home Depot possessed this defective overload protector.

Garmey Law attorney Alexis Chardon said the couple is seeking more than $75,000 in damages for sustained injuries and trauma. “The family watched as their beloved house burned to the ground, knowing their dogs were burning alive,” the lawsuit states.

“My clients are very ready for their day in court and are looking forward to it,” Chardon said.

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Bangor Daily News, August 22, 2022.

A Maine mother has reached an $8 million settlement from the federal government over a medical clinic's failure to mandatory report signs of abuse in her then-6-month-old son.

Garmey Law attorneys Alexis Chardon and Terry Garmey represented Alexandria Orduna of Brewer. Her son suffered brain injuries in January 2019 due to abuse inflicted by Cyree Hansley, 27, of North Carolina. Though Hansley was living with Orduna at the time of the injury, he is not the boy's father. Orduna had repeatedly reported her son’s injuries to his pediatric healthcare team in an effort to discover what caused them, and providers allegedly failed to recognize and report the signs of child abuse to both Orduna and authorities.

Chardon and Garmey determined that if the boy's doctors had recognized the signs of abuse and reported them as mandated, he wouldn't have been later attacked again, leading to disabling injuries.

“This little boy couldn’t talk, but his body could, and his health care practitioners didn’t listen to what it was saying,” Terry Garmey said. “His body told the story like a cave painting there to be seen, interpreted, and investigated, and it didn’t happen.”

Orduna’s $8 million legal settlement is one of Maine's largest public medical malpractice settlements. The Garmey team hopes this case can help protect other children by reminding healthcare providers of their responsibility to report any signs of abuse.

The Bangor Daily News published this report, in addition to Portland Press Herald, Spectrum Local News, and Fox23 Maine.

Bangor Daily News, June 30, 2022.

Garmey Law attorney Christian Foster is working with a New Hampshire man to return a Golden Retriever puppy to his family. “It is unconscionable that a puppy breeder would drive across state lines to fraudulently take a dog from a single dad and his three young children and then refuse to return her unless a $225,000 ransom is paid,” Foster said.

Read more about this dispute with the dog breeder from the Bangor Daily News here.

Bangor Daily News, May 22, 2022.

Erin Brockovich visits Maine to join Garmey Law and Watts Guerra to litigate hundreds of anticipated lawsuits over water pollution by toxic PFAS chemicals in Fairfield, Maine. Read more from Bangor Daily News here

Garmey Law Launches New Website, February 11, 2022.

The law firm of Terry Garmey & Associates is proud to announce its new name: Garmey Law. The personal injury firm is marking its name with the unveiling of a new logo and the launch of a website created for them by Page One Web Solutions, a Portland-based digital marketing agency.

The name and logo change were inspired by the firm’s growth. According to firm founder Terry Garmey, “When we started this firm ten years ago, we didn’t know what it would look like in a decade. At the time, it was myself and a couple others who had enough faith in me to join. The name made a lot more sense then.” Today, Garmey Law employs seven lawyers and nine invaluable staff members. “The old name started to sound hierarchical,” says Terry. “We wanted something to reflect what we really are: a team of equals.”

Terry Garmey says he is proud of the team that the firm has recruited in the ten years since it opened its doors and wanted to mark the occasion by choosing a name and logo that would reflect what the firm has become. Terry says he has been lucky to have that opportunity. “We found lawyers and staff who believe in what they do, fight for their clients, and have good hearts,” Garmey said. “That is the formula for success.”

Other early members of Garmey Law echo Garmey’s sentiment that the firm is uniquely defined by its collaboration with each other and compassion for its clients. According to David Kreisler, a personal injury lawyer in Portland who has been with the firm since it opened, what makes it special is the team’s careful attention to its clients. “We handle big cases and small cases,” says Kreisler. “Our $20,000 case is just as important to that guy who wants to put some more money into his college fund as the $2 million settlement we had last month. We approach all our cases like that – with an understanding of what it means to the client. And everyone pitches in when everyone needs to pitch in.”

Gary Goldberg, another member of the firm who is one of Maine’s best trial lawyers, says he can’t wait to see what the future brings. “We’ve had the luck of hiring great talent – people who are smart as hell and have great instincts. You can’t train either one.”

Garmey Law is a Plaintiff’s trial firm, representing clients in personal injury matters including motor vehicle accidents, product liability, medical malpractice, premises liability, sexual abuse and assault, and civil rights cases.

If you're in need of a personal injury lawyer in Portland, Maine and would like to request a free consultation, please contact us today!

News Center Maine, September 9, 2021.

Garmey Law has teamed up with Watts Guerra to litigate lawsuits on behalf of residents of Fairfield, Maine whose water has been polluted by toxic PFAs chemicals. More lawsuits will come shortly. Read more from News Center Maine here

Bangor Daily News, March 19, 2021.

Garmey Law attorneys Alexis Chardon and Terry Garmey convinced federal district court judge Lance Walker to allow Maine medical malpractice lawsuit to proceed against the pediatric clinic, alleging that healthcare providers were negligent in failing to recognize and report signs of child abuse, defeating the defendant’s argument that the infant’s healthcare provider did not owe the baby any duty to protect him from the possibility of child abuse. “Judge Walker is correct that one very important standard of care we allege is that the [physician’s assistant] should have told Alex that child abuse was on her baby’s differential diagnosis list, especially when he presented in clinic with unexplained bruises on both ears,” Ali said. “If the PA had done so, Alex would have protected her baby from further abuse.” See more from the Bangor Daily News here.

Press Herald, August 10, 2020.

Garmey Law attorneys Gary Goldberg and Alexis Chardon represented a Lewiston US Army veteran who was shot in the face while playing disc golf, causing re-traumatization and exacerbation of his combat-induced PTSD. The lawsuit was resolved in a confidential settlement agreement. 

Read more from the Portland Press Herald here.

Portland Press Herald, May 20, 2020.

Attorney David Kreisler successfully settled a lawsuit on behalf of his client, a veteran who alleged poor medical care at the Togus VA hospital. David’s medical care settlement was one part of five settlements with the hospital totaling over $1 million dollars. Read more from the Portland Press Herald here.

Bangor Daily News, February 19, 2019.

Attorney Christian Foster represented the parents of a young man who was sexually assaulted at summer camp in a lawsuit alleging that the camp negligently allowed the assault to happen - and then downplayed the assault and helped the perpetrators to escape law enforcement scrutiny. According to Attorney Foster, the monetary damages sought in the sexual assault lawsuit were secondary to the client's goal of forcing change that would put “policies and procedures in place to train the staff and enforce” safety regulations, protecting other campers from what happened to their son. Read more at the Bangor Daily News.

WBUR’s Here and Now, January 11, 2019.

Garmey Law attorney Ali Garmey Chardon and her client, Anthony Gay, spoke with WBUR’s Peter O’Dowd about Mr. Gay’s 22-year ordeal in solitary confinement. "Solitary confinement is known to ravage people's minds,” Chardon said. "Anthony's story illustrates how prison can be a real trap for [the] mentally ill."

Read more at WBUR.

Bangor Daily News, January 11, 2019.

Attorney Christian Foster secured a $2.5 million jury verdict for an adult dancer injured in a motorcycle accident. Attorney Foster said his client “lost her livelihood and her passion” in the accident, but the jury verdict would make all the difference. Ms. Marsters will now be able to continue to go on with her life and has a future that she can look forward to living.” Read more from the Bangor Daily News here.

Portland Press Hearald, November 20, 2018.

Garmey Law attorneys David Kreisler, Chris Harmon, and Alexis Chardon reached a confidential settlement on behalf of their client, Professor Lara Carlson, who alleged that her employer retaliated against her for complaining of sexual harassment.

Read more at the Portland Press Herald.

Law 360, August 13, 2018.

Attorney Alexis Chardon successfully argued an appeal in the First Circuit Court of Appeals, convincing the court to overturn the lower court’s grant of summary judgment and allow Garmey Law client, Lara Carlson, to proceed to trial on her claims that she was retaliated against when she complained to her employer that she was being sexually harassed. 

WTTW.com, Chicago Tribune, June 4, 2018.

Garmey Law attorneys Alexis Chardon and Terry Garmey represented three young women groped by a security guard at their Chicago Public High School, alleging that the school failed to protect them from the sexual predator. “School administrators knew what was going on,” said Alexis Chardon. “Well before our clients were assaulted by Wells, they had received complaints about his behavior, but they did nothing...Because the Board didn’t do what it should have, our clients were sexually assaulted in school by the very person whose job was to keep them safe.” After receiving a final offer of only $60,000 in the cases, Terry and Alexis tried the school sex abuse case and secured a $700,000 verdict.

Read more at WTTW. The Chicago Tribune also covered the lawsuits.

WGME, June 20, 2017.

Terry Garmey and Christian Foster achieved a 1.9 million dollar settlement against the United States Government in a medical malpractice case arising out of a federally-funded healthcare clinic's failure to diagnose their client's childhood cancer promptly. “No amount of money can adequately compensate a young girl who, because of a medical error, will not walk down the aisle on her wedding day,” Garmey said. “The trust we have established for Wynter with this settlement will give Wynter the best chance to overcome her disability with hard work and good medical care. But her trust will be inadequate unless another care provider contributes to Wynter’s future care. We intend to make this happen.” Indeed, following the medical error paralysis settlement with the government, Foster and Garmey also satisfactorily resolved their client's claims against other defendants in a second, confidential settlement. Read more at WGME.

WCSH-Channel 6, February 21, 2013.

A lawyer for the family of the woman killed in an explosion accident in Bath has filed notice that they intend to sue the apartment complex owners and the company that provided the propane. An early morning explosion last week demolished a two unit apartment building and damaged at least two other units. Dale Fussel, 64, was killed inside her apartment. Attorney Terry Garmey says Fussel complained to her brother in the summer about smelling propane and that people who knew her have agreed. Click here for the full story from WCSH6.

The Forecaster, February 19, 2013.

Portland attorney Terry Garmey, representing the family of Dale Ann Fussell, said last week that "it's important that [they get] whatever measure of justice is available to them in Maine. It's also very important to them that they understand why this happened...They don't want this to happen to any other family here in Maine or anywhere else." Read more at the Portland Press Herald.

Bangor Daily News, February 15, 2013.

It's possible that the management company of the Bath building explosion had previous issues in Brewer. “We need to look underneath,” Terry Garmey said. “Somehow, the family needs to understand how the explosion came about, so we can rest assured it’s not likely to occur again. We’re going as far as we must until these important questions are answered.”

Read more at the Bangor Daily News.