$2 Million Verdict for Motorcycle Crash Injuries

After a trial of one and a half days a Kennebec County jury awarded more than Four Hundred Thousand Dollars to Katherine Marsters who was a passenger on a motorcycle struck by a car on Western Avenue in Augusta, Maine. The car was driven by Nancy Rogier, a retiree. The motorcycle was passing the vehicle on the right when the car took a sudden right turn into Baglemania. Ms. Rogier admitted that she had turned her turn signal on and off prior to her sudden turn. The motorcycle was a total loss. Ms. Marsters skidded sixty feet along the asphalt and sustained road rash over fifty percent of her body and multiple fractures of her left hand and arm. Her arm and hand are now scarred, disfigured and she has been left with residual weakness. At the time of the accident Ms. Marsters was a professional dancer and athlete, traveling throughout the country specializing in pole performances.

The Kennebec County jury awarded more than Two Million fifty-four dollars in damages and determined that the driver of the vehicle was responsible for 20 percent of these damages. Ms. Marsters was represented by Christian Foster of the Law Firm Terry Garmey & Associates. “My client and I will remain forever grateful to the attention and effort the jury paid to this matter. Prior to this trial the defendant insurance company had made a formal offer of judgment of only Ninety-five Hundred Dollars, which was devastating to Ms. Marsters, and left Ms. Marsters no choice but to present this case to a Maine Jury. This case proves that the jury system is alive and well in Maine. Ms. Marsters will now be able to continue to go on with her life and has a future that she can look forward to living. I am proud to have represented her.”

Also reported on Bangor Daily News.