commercial vehicle accidents

Not so long ago, a lot of freight was carried via railroad. These days, most products are transported using commercial vehicles on public roads. Combine that with a boom in online sales and thus product delivery, and you have roadways clogged with far more commercial vehicles than in the past. Those commercial vehicles can contribute to several issues, including the slower flow of traffic during peak travel hours and increased environmental pollution. They can also cause serious traffic accidents when colliding with smaller vehicles, often resulting in major injuries or even death. Unfortunately, commercial vehicle accidents are more common than you might think.

As a driver on the road, you’re probably well aware of the risks posed by commercial vehicles. When you see a bus, delivery vehicle, or semi-truck, you probably give it a wide berth and stay out of its blind spots. Sadly, with so many commercial vehicles on the road, it’s inevitable that some drivers end up in accidents with these larger vehicles, even with defensive driving and careful attention. In recent years, injuries and fatalities due to commercial crashes have increased. That means the risk is higher than ever for a serious commercial vehicle accident.

Bigger Vehicles Cause Bigger Accidents

There’s no doubt about it: The larger and heavier the vehicle, the greater the potential for serious damage. Your tiny passenger vehicle could very easily get totally demolished by a semi-truck that fails to check before turning or merging into a lane where you’re driving. Injuries could including broken bones, spinal or back injuries, brain injuries or even death. It is much less likely that the commercial driver will sustain serious injuries in a simple collision with a smaller vehicle. A negligent commercial driver could cause a lifelong disability for you and walk away unharmed.

Many times, it is poor decision-making by commercial drivers that causes accidents. Whether they are driving while tired, driving after a drink or taking prescription medication, or even just checking a text message on their phone, commercial drivers can make mistakes that cost other people their lives. That’s why it is so important that you take steps to hold a commercial driver responsible after a serious accident.

Your Attorney Can Help Fight for Compensation

A personal injury lawyer can review the details of commercial vehicle accidents to help you explore your various options. If the trucking company has a history of safety violations, a civil lawsuit could result. If an insurance company is offering you a tiny settlement, an experienced Maine attorney can negotiate for fairer compensation. The more serious your injuries, the more important it is to speak with an attorney after an accident with a commercial vehicle.