Law firms maine | how to find the best personal injury lawyer

If you or someone you love gets injured and you believe that you are legally entitled to receive compensation for injuries incurred, then you may want to seek out a personal injury lawyer. This can be especially important for financial stability if your personal injury has caused you to lose income or you have acquired steep medical bills as a result. If you live in the northeast and are looking for a personal injury lawyer in Portland, Maine, Garmey Law is here for you. Keep reading for our best tips on how to find the best personal injury lawyer.

Look for People with Experience for the Best Case

When it comes to finding Maine personal injury lawyers, you should look for firms that have a group of experienced and qualified employees. Garmey Law stands out from other Maine law firms. Our team of lawyers is highly trained. In fact, Terry Garmey, the firm’s founding partner, has ranked in the top one hundred plaintiff lawyers in the United States.

maine law firms | how to find the best personal injury lawyer

The personal injury lawyers at Garmey Law have years of experience in court and in private agreements. We have the sets of skills and knowledge to build the best personal injury case for you or your loved one to receive their compensation. You can even conduct research within the Portland, Maine community to see what others have said about working with personal injury lawyers such as Garmey Law and other Portland, Maine law firms.

Make Sure That They Are Available to Their Clients

When you are seeking legal assistance, nothing is worse than hiring a professional attorney and then discovering that he or she turns out to be flaky or unavailable to their clients. Maybe you try to get in contact with them and they struggle to maintain direct and dependable communication. Perhaps you have had a series of meetings scheduled that have needed to be moved or canceled.

One of the most important qualities to look for when you are searching for a personal injury lawyer is whether or not they are dependable and available to their clients when they need them. In addition, the best personal injury lawyers will practice good customer service. They respect their clients and work to meet their needs.

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Find a Driven Lawyer that Seeks to Make Improvements

For you and your loved ones in Maine, personal injury lawyers should be motivated to make your case the best it can be. Some personal injury lawyers will put a case together and think that their job is over until the trial or court date. But the best personal injury lawyers should not just settle. They will constantly challenge themselves and improve their already existing cases.

Look for Firms that Offer Free Consultations

If you are still researching firms to find the best Maine personal injury lawyer for your case, many firms offer free initial consultations. At Garmey Law, we offer free initial consultations to help you get a feel for our services. Contact us today to get started!