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The law firm of Terry Garmey & Associates is proud to announce its new name: Garmey Law. The personal injury firm is marking its name with the unveiling of a new logo and the launch of a website created for them by Page One Web Solutions, a Portland-based digital marketing agency.

The name and logo change were inspired by the firm’s growth. According to firm founder Terry Garmey, “When we started this firm ten years ago, we didn’t know what it would look like in a decade. At the time, it was myself and a couple others who had enough faith in me to join. The name made a lot more sense then.” Today, Garmey Law employs seven lawyers and nine invaluable staff members. “The old name started to sound hierarchical,” says Terry. “We wanted something to reflect what we really are: a team of equals.”

Terry Garmey says he is proud of the team that the firm has recruited in the ten years since it opened its doors and wanted to mark the occasion by choosing a name and logo that would reflect what the firm has become. Terry says he has been lucky to have that opportunity. “We found lawyers and staff who believe in what they do, fight for their clients, and have good hearts,” Garmey said. “That is the formula for success.”

Other early members of Garmey Law echo Garmey’s sentiment that the firm is uniquely defined by its collaboration with each other and compassion for its clients. According to David Kreisler, a personal injury lawyer in Portland who has been with the firm since it opened, what makes it special is the team’s careful attention to its clients. “We handle big cases and small cases,” says Kreisler. “Our $20,000 case is just as important to that guy who wants to put some more money into his college fund as the $2 million settlement we had last month. We approach all our cases like that – with an understanding of what it means to the client. And everyone pitches in when everyone needs to pitch in.”

Gary Goldberg, another member of the firm who is one of Maine’s best trial lawyers, says he can’t wait to see what the future brings. “We’ve had the luck of hiring great talent – people who are smart as hell and have great instincts. You can’t train either one.”

Garmey Law is a Plaintiff’s trial firm, representing clients in personal injury matters including motor vehicle accidents, product liability, medical malpractice, premises liability, sexual abuse and assault, and civil rights cases.

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