Are Personal Injury Lawyers In Maine Cheaper Compared to the Nearby States?

Hiring an attorney to help you with a case can be pricey. Personal injury lawyer costs depend on the length and involvement that the case entails.

If you have been injured, the first thing to consider is whether or not you have grounds for a court case and whether or not you have met the state statutes of limitation for filing a claim or a suit for a personal injury (PI) case. If you have put careful thought into your personal case and have determined whether or not to pursue legal action in court, then it is time to look into hiring an attorney.

Understanding Personal Injury Lawyer Costs in Maine

The amount that a person is charged for their personal injury attorney varies per lawyer and per state, but there are standard laws regarding the amount that an attorney is allowed to charge. Again, these laws vary by state, so a Maine personal injury attorney could potentially cost different when compared to a personal injury attorney in another state. It all really depends on the length of the case, the information and processes that are needed to proceed with the case, and the individual lawyer’s contingency rates. This all may sound like it’s written in a different language, but it can be easy to understand all of the ins and outs of legal fees once it’s broken down for you.

Two really important things to know, though, are: first, most PI attorneys will offer a free consultation appointment to help you determine whether you actually have a legitimate case or not, and two, most PI attorneys will also only charge you a percentage of what they win for you, so if you don’t win the case, you may not be out any money at all.

To help you learn more about this process and the financial implications, here is a little more about Maine personal injury lawyer’s fees and how they compare to nearby states.

How Do You Pay for Maine Personal Injury Lawyers?

Obviously, not many people can afford to pay their legal fees upfront, and it would be silly to expect people to do so. Instead of demanding a flat rate amount at the beginning of the legal process, most likely, your personal injury attorney in Maine will ask for a contingency fee on the amount of money that you are awarded from a suit. Many states have different laws regarding the contingency fee, so be sure to do some research.

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In Maine, the contingency fee is determined based on the amount of money that is awarded in a suit, so the percentage that a Maine personal injury lawyer is allowed to take is determined by the amount of money that is won. The lawyer is entitled to 33.3% of the first $100,000, 25% of the next $100,000 won, and 20% of any amount over $200,000 that is won in the case. This ensures that both the client and personal injury attorney in Maine are compensated fairly.

In New Hampshire, the next state over, the rules about contingency fees are slightly less rigid and therefore allow personal injury attorneys to claim a larger percentage of money that is awarded in a suit. Personal injury attorneys are entitled to 50% of the first $1,000, 40% of the next $2,000, 33.3% of the next $97,000, and 20% of all money awarded more than $100,000.

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So, as you can see, it’s a bit difficult to provide a straight answer as to whether Maine personal injury attorneys are more affordable than others because it all depends on the case and, often, the individual attorney’s office as well. However, because of the state rules and limitations, in general, Maine can be a more affordable state to hire a PI attorney because the lawyers are restricted to smaller percentages of any award you receive from a suit.

If you have been injured and would like to know more information on Maine personal injury lawyer costs, please contact our lawyers at Garmey Law today.