medical care due to slip-and-fall accidents | consequences of falls in the elderly

When you slip and fall while trying to navigate an icy Maine parking lot or a slippery, wet foyer, you stand a real risk of serious injury. More than a million people each year in the United States end up in emergency rooms needing medical care due to slip-and-fall accidents.

There are laws to protect consumers against injuries caused by negligent property owners and property managers. These laws create what is called premises liability regarding injuries that occur on-premises.

It can seem frivolous to those who haven’t suffered a slip-and-fall accident, but the potential for serious, even lifelong injuries exists in every slip-and-fall accident case. You shouldn’t suffer in silence or bear the financial burden of someone else’s negligence. Speaking with an attorney about the details of your accident is the best way to determine how to move forward after a slip-and-fall incident.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents Can Cause Serious Injuries

When children slip and fall, they often experience only minor injuries, such as bruises or minor contusions. When an adult experiences a slip-and-fall accident, however, there is potential for very severe injuries. People who fall can break bones, tear connective tissue such as tendons, suffer spinal or nerve injuries, or even injure their heads and brains. In some cases, broken bones can later lead to nerve damage and lifelong conditions such as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. You shouldn’t have to face the expenses of medical care, along with the loss of your wages while you recover.

Medical Care Due to Slip-and-Fall Accidents Can Be Expensive

An attorney can help ensure that your medical bills are covered by the party liable for your accident. Your attorney can negotiate with a business owner or their liability insurance company to help obtain coverage for your medical care. If you are offered a settlement, your attorney can review it to ensure it is appropriate, given the injuries you sustained. Many times, initial settlement offers are offensively low and won’t cover the full extent of medical care that you require to recover after a serious slip-and-fall injury. Your attorney can help you counter a low initial settlement offer.

Attorneys Protect Your Future After a Slip-and-Fall Accident

Your attorney can help hold the business owner accountable for failing to maintain safe and clean premises. You shouldn’t have to worry about covering your medical expenses, such as a large deductible or lost wages after an accident. Your attorney can help you recover your losses and handle negotiating on your behalf. That can free you to focus on your recovery in the wake of a serious slip-and-fall accident.