traumatic brain injury settlement

If you or a loved one recently suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) due to a motor vehicle accident, there is likely a lot of adjusting to all the ways your life has changed. Your family may have less income while your expenses are going up. A traumatic brain injury settlement can help you with your medical expenses and help compensate for your losses, including lost income, suffering, and a lower quality of life. A moderate or severe traumatic brain injury may cause permanent disabilities. The settlement amounts can be substantial because the effects of TBIs can be so severe. 

The amount you may receive in a personal injury lawsuit for a traumatic brain injury will depend on the specific facts of your case. A traumatic brain injury settlement can range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds or even as much as millions.

What Could Impact the Amount of Your Traumatic Brain Injury Settlement?

Suppose you decide to pursue a lawsuit against a negligent party. In that case, you should work with an experienced personal injury lawyer to get the full settlement amount you deserve. Your legal team will investigate the accident and identify all the parties who were at fault. They will work with medical and financial experts to calculate your medical, rehabilitation, and other treatment expenses. If you are expected to need long-term care, these expenses – and your need for compensation – will be substantial.

Your legal team will also calculate your present and future lost income and seek compensation for your other losses, including any disabilities. With a strong case in hand, your lawyer will negotiate with the negligent party’s insurance company on your behalf.

In addition to your lawyer’s dedication and skill, other factors will affect the amount of your settlement. These include:

  • Whether the effects of your TBI are temporary or permanent; if they are permanent, how long will they impact your life based on your expected lifespan?
  • How severe those effects are.
  • How much medical treatment and care will you need, and what will they cost?
  • Your lost income from the time of the accident until what would have been your retirement age. Lost income may result from needing to work fewer hours, having to take a job that pays less, or being unable to work.
  • Physical pain, emotional suffering, and your family’s losses due to your injury.
  • Who was at fault for the accident, whether it was the other driver’s fault or if you and the other driver were responsible? 

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