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There are countless products that consumers purchase every day with the expectation that they will deliver the promised results without causing any harm. Unfortunately, not every item that is available for purchase serves its intended purpose, as some of these materials prove to be potentially dangerous products. There are countless Maine consumers who have suffered injuries due to a defective item.

Recently, a couple filed a federal lawsuit over allegations that a popular product caused the wife to suffer serious injuries to her eye. The lawsuit claims that she had purchased a popular brand of air freshener from her local Sam’s Club store. Several months after purchasing the glass plug-in refill, she attempted to remove the container from its packaging. In the process of doing so, the item purportedly exploded, and the woman’s right eye suffered significant injury from glass shards and aromatic chemicals.

The couple has now filed their suit and has named both Sam’s Club and the manufacturer of the Air Wick air freshener, Reckitt Benckiser. Neither party has publicly responded to the lawsuit. The couple claims that both parties should have known that the product posed an unreasonable danger and that it was defective.

There have been other civil suits filed against the manufacturer that are unrelated to this particular incident. It is unknown at this time whether this product has posed a danger to any other consumers in the past. The couple has alleged that the woman has suffered serious injuries that have caused her significant pain. Any time a consumer in Maine has suffered an injury from the normal use of a product, he or she may be entitled to pursue compensation for any financial damages that may have been incurred by filing a personal injury suit against the parties responsible for purportedly defective or potentially dangerous products.

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