dangerous children's products

Every parent and grandparent loves presenting a child with a new toy on special occasions. While the vast majority of items presented to these children are harmless, there are times when dangerous children’s products make their way to store shelves. Concerns over how to protect children are often high on the list of priorities for the majority of Maine families.

Even though the holiday season is the most common time of year for parents and other adults to purchase toys for children, at any time of the year, it pays to be cautious when selecting an item. The vast majority of products that are available at the larger retail stores in the country are presumed to be safe as toys are required to be tested by a division of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and they would be pulled if there is a problem. However, a few items have been proved to present a potential danger to a child, especially younger ones who are more likely to suffer from a choking hazard.

Over the past 12 months, the agency has issued a recall for approximately 20 items that posed some type of danger to children. One website, The Toy Association, acts as a resource for toy safety, and it lists all of the items that have been recently recalled due to safety concerns. Safety advocates stress the importance of investigating online businesses to ensure that they are legitimate companies that prioritize safety for the products they offer.

As parents know, any toy can become a safety hazard given the wrong circumstances. In spite of all of the precautions parents take, any child can be harmed if a toy does not meet the stringent requirements meant to protect children from harmful products. If victims do suffer a serious injury from dangerous children’s products, Maine families are assured of the right to pursue just compensation for the monetary damages that often accompany a physical injury. An attorney who has handled these types of claims successfully may be an invaluable resource at these times.

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