maine personal injury attorneys | ali and chris discussing a case

Portland, ME – The Maine personal injury attorneys at Garmey Law have lately been recognized for handling complex and difficult cases, specifically for their aid with challenging medical malpractice and wrongful death complaints.

People who have been involved in accidents or injured because of someone else’s negligence are often dealing with far more than just the injury. They may suffer from income issues, medical bills, and many circumstances that have to change because of the injury.

During all of this, it is challenging to consider the legal elements of the situation or have the energy to pursue them. People often find trying to fight the insurance company, corporation, physician, or individual that caused the injury a nearly impossible task. Even finding a personal injury lawyer who can help with these difficult cases and win can be hard. Some see it as either another expense or an additional burden on a growing to-do list.

Seeing clients’ need for a voice in dealing with some of life’s most difficult circumstances, Garmey Law has been established in Portland, helping clients with big and small cases. The firm strives to help injured parties suffering from medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, product liability, slip and falls, wrongful death complaints, and financial or business disputes.

They firmly believe that their clients shouldn’t have to shoulder the blame or responsibility for another person’s mistake. They have been well recognized as a medical malpractice attorney Maine and as a Maine wrongful death attorney, some of the toughest cases to fight.

Utilizing their vast resources to help their clients however they can has led to numerous other firms and lawyers referring their clients to Garmey Law, especially for trickier cases. They are well known throughout the state as a firm that refuses to stand down and one that defends their clients against larger corporation and insurers who try to ignore claims.

In serving as some of the top Maine medical malpractice lawyers and helping with all aspects of personal injury law, Garmey Law has generated much recognition for their achievements in high dollar verdicts for their clients.

In seeking to not be an additional financial burden, their client won’t be charged for their services unless the case is won. They are dedicated to helping their clients recover from an often life-changing injury and are committed to winning every case. Their passion to help has made them an industry leader in the personal injury litigation industry and a champion for Portland ME residents.